Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bookkeeping: Long Almost Family (AFAM) - Short Ultrashort Real Estate (SRS)

Finally perhaps an oversold rally... going long Almost Family (AFAM) a company that has been obliterated by fears of Medicare reimbursements and short Ultrashort Real Estate (SRS) which is a proxy way to bet against the market. If the longs can get any signs of life we should be able to rally to near 741 at least.

Almost Family a 3.6% allocation in $18.30s and Ultrashort Real Estate 5% in $92-$94s

If this is a false move, and we reverse right back down I'll keep the Almost Family since its VERY oversold but cut back the Ultrashort Real Estate short. Both of these are rentals and NOT long term investments. Almost Family was a $50 stock in November 2008 [Nov 8: Almost Family with a Stellar Quarter]

Long Almost Family in fund and personal account; short Ultrashort Real Estate in fund

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