Thursday, January 15, 2009

Public Service Announcement: Playboy's Super Bowl Party = Kaput


I am only posting this because I realize a bevy of Fund My Mutual Fund readers had plans to attend this party, and I want to make sure they knew about this development. There is no other reason I'd post such a story, although it does have a general economic tone to it. But those are the only reasons: Economics. Saving the Readers. Doing a good deed. This is like charity work.

You know the economy sucks when Playboy can't even put on a proper Super Bowl Party. What is happening to Americana? I mean apple pie, baseball, and Playboy parties are what defines us as a nation *sniffle*

What happens next year? Will Super Bowl ad rates actually go down for the first time? (yes)
  • Playboy and Sports Illustrated -- mainstays of the big event -- announced last week they won't hold their usual Super Bowl Week parties in Tampa this month. No Playmates, bunnies, swimsuit models or Hef's girlfriends.
  • But like just about everybody else these days, the magazines -- who both had parties before Super Bowl XL in Detroit -- are tightening the purse strings.
  • "The Super Bowl is certainly not immune to the effects of the economic downturn," Amanda Holt, a spokeswoman for the host committee, told the St. Petersburg Times.
This was not the only Super Bowl party cancelled due to the economy .... but certainly the best way I could create the most egregious use of photos to attract the 25-49 year old male demographic (ahem)
  • The recession has hit Tampa Bay's Super Bowl party plans like a Dick Butkus tackle to the knees. The Brooks & Dunn Inaugural Golf Classic, a celebrity party and golf tournament hosted by Bucs Warrick Dunn and Derrick Brooks, was canceled for lack of sponsors.
  • Amanda Holt, a spokeswoman for Tampa Bay's Super Bowl host committee....She's also hearing from event planners struggling to line up sponsors.

Remember, unlike 2008 where we were 100% bad news/reality - we made a vow we'd balance our 98% of reality/bad news in 2009 with 2% pandas... err bunnies... (I am here to lift readers' spirits...) I said spirits....

Off to do more "research" on this very important "economic" development....

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