Friday, January 9, 2009

Obama Sighted with Palm Pre in His Hand Yesterday

Best. President. Ever. He can even make stocks rise from the dead.

Ok, I'm being facetious on this one; but I wish I had known the Palm Pre was going to be such a big hit about 48 hours ago. 100% in 2 days... do they ship dry bulk goods as well? Look at that volume explosion - daytraders might actually leave DryShips (DRYS) for a day to go run this one up to $15 next week.
  • The early buzz is favorable for the Palm Pre, the vendor's new smart phone that is earning praise from reviewers who've had a chance to play with it. The device, which combines a touch screen with a slide-out QWERY keyboard, was introduced yesterday at CES 2009 in Las Vegas. The Pre features Palm's much-anticipated Web OS operating system, and will be available on the Sprint 3G network in the first half of 2009.
  • Gizmodo called the Pre "simply amazing" and said the device may be "the most important handset to be announced in two years."
No position but believes Obama owns a Blackberry

p.s. Obama blessed our portfolio this week - despite two big down days in the market we made up all of last week's lagging versus the indexes - and then some...

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