Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mid January 09 Pledge Tally

We'll have a permanent place to park this post when the new web design comes out this weekend, but for now here is the tally from reader's pledges...

As we discussed in [New Pledge Sheet - Obama Era v 2.0] we're starting from scratch due to the once in a few generations type of downdraft in the market the back half of 2008. So we have about 30% of the goal, which is a good start.

Frequently Asked Questions [May 26: Frequently Asked Questions]

This time around, I sorted by state - as discussed here [May 23: Investment Pledges by State] essentially we need about $45,000 to pay for the registration (Blue Sky) fees to make that state eligible. (turning a state on is something that can be accomplished in 24 hours) AR, CA, FL, MI, NJ, NV, NY, PA, RI, SC, TX, VA, VT, WA are the 14 states either surpassing that or "just a hair away". AZ, OH, TN - halfway there. Any other state obviously can be eligible once the pledges are there.

Note: those of with an asterisk next to your name; I was given a range and to be conservative I took the lowest number of that range

Total $2,060,000
Goal $7,000,000
% of Goal 29.4%

To Go $4,940,000

Name Amount State/Country
"Phong" 10,000 ?
Bob B 50,000 AR
Ed S 5,000 AZ
Alan N 15,000 AZ
Art H 50,000 CA
Benjamin W 5,000 CA
Dave K 100,000 CA
Greg B 15,000 CA
Kurt C 10,000 CA
Ron W 10,000 CA
Tom L 25,000 CA
Ted C 5,000 CA
Brian L 50,000 CA
Rich P 30,000 CA
Shannon V 5,000 CA
Sunil K 10,000 CA
Anatoly S 10,000 CA
Mark B 10,000 D.C.
Vic C 10,000 FL
Wes T 10,000 FL
Ron* 40,000 FL (sailing)
Bob H 2,500 FL
Ian J 5,000 ID
Ben 10,000 IN
Bill H 5,000 MA
MB 20,000 MD
Mark 60,000 MI
Ralph B 25,000 MI
Scott L 7,500 MN
George L 10,000 NC
Brian C 5,000 NC
Adam B 5,000 NJ
David B 50,000 NJ
Frank G 500,000 NJ
Andrew 100,000 NV
Gary M 10,000 NY
Rob T 10,000 NYC
Igor O 100,000 NYC
Jason N 30,000 NYC
Tim C 20,000 NYC
Adam M 10,000 OH
Justin K 10,000 OH
Bill G 10,000 PA
Jatinder M 10,000 PA
V.K.K. 20,000 PA
Robert T 75,000 RI
Heidi H 25,000 RI
Doris S 37,500 S.C.
Dave S 20,000 TN
Joe P 10,000 TX
Doug M 40,000 TX
H.S. 2,500 TX
Ian* 50,000 TX
Chair 15,000 VA
Lisa 5,000 VA
Zhong L 10,000 VA
Kevin L* 125,000 VT
Ron 20,000 VT
Linda A 15,000 WA
Scott R 60,000 WA
Mike H 2,500 WA
Brian J 5,000 WI
S.E.H. 12,500 Z-Singapore
Tomaz K 20,000 Z-Slovenia

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