Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bookkeeping: Cutting LDK Solar (LDK)

Gotta love this market; you just can't lose on the long side anymore. Despite the warning from LDK Solar (LDK) last night, Obama hope > facts. The stock is now back up to the low $15s and my limit sell triggered. I am exiting 800 of 900 shares and taking this down from a 1.6% stake to 0.2% - these shares were bought at $13.40 one week ago. [Dec 30: Bookkeeping - Cutting ReneSola (SOL); Adding to LDK Solar]

This is far and away my favorite President so far (and he hasn't even started!) Everything he touches, turns to gold. Up 13% in a week - despite a warning. Thanks Obama!

I'll rebuy LDK north of $16 (when it clears its 50 day moving average) because we risk the danger of Obama saying "solar" out loud and every stock in this sector doubling overnight. For now I have very little exposure in the solar space. I feel very fortunate to have executed this trade and leaving with a quick and dirty profit ;)

Long LDK Solar in fund; no personal position

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