Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Obama Speechwriter in Hawaii lets slip Use of "Solar" over 7 times

Solar stocks are now finally running on President Elect Midas' use of "Solar" multiple times in Inauguration speech. Details must be leaking out from Hawaii HQ. Finally people are waking up to yet another of the Obama thesis; hopefully these can keep running right until Jan 20th so I can get rid of them at higher prices to "thesis buyers". We are so very underwater in these capital sucking equities.

TSL +11%
SOL +14%
JASO +15%

Come on LDK. 3%?? It's Obama time! 40 acres, a mule, a bridge, a 4% no doc, no appraisal mortgage, and a solar panel for every American. Thesis baby - thesis.

Update 3:30 PM - TSL and SOL both up nearly 30% now...speechwriter must of added a few more solar references in the past hour.

Long TSL, SOL, LDK in fund; long SOL in personal account

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