Friday, December 19, 2008

Bookkeeping: Cutting NuVasive (NUVA) to Holding Position

I am cutting NuVasive (NUVA) on a chart that is telling me someone with a lot more insider information than I do is not liking something. Normally I'd exit wholesale but I still like the fundamental story here, so I'm going to keep a 0.1% stake - generally I focus less on companies I sell out of completely so I want to see what the end game is here. As I've been saying, we want to focus on companies whose charts have improved materially here in this 3 weeks of peace; NuVasive has not even made a serious attemt to challenge its 50 day moving average (from below) - hence being the cynic I am about the stock market & believer in price action; I have to think "those in the know" know something that I don't.

Selling NuVasive from a 1.8% stake to 0.1% in the mid $34s

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Long NuVasive in fund; no personal position

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