Thursday, August 14, 2008

Howard Davidowitz - the Only Realistic Retail Analyst in America?

Howard Davidowitz continues to be the man - another great audio clip from a retail analyst who speaks the truth/reality. It is completely hilarious how the interviewer tried to start the interview trying to offer Howard Kool Aid, and pointing out some non existant silver lining and Howard shoots her down in the first sentence. Classic stuff - a fun 5 minute listen.

We highlighted Mr. Davidowitz back in March when he was dead on (well, he agreed with us so of course he was dead on) [Mar 30: Howard Davidowitz on US Consumer] and he continues to be spot on (once again agreeing with us) I just love when people are this blunt...

He talks about helicopters, the farce that is inflation government reports, entitlement programs, etc. From a retail analyst? Fantastic.

"The worst is yet to come"
"The consumer is in survival mode"
"The living standards of most Americans are going to be down... permanently" - Davidowitze

On the bright side he is bullish on Walmart (WMT) just like we are for the same reasons "Pooring of America 101"

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