Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bookkeeping: Raising Cash with Some Sales of Yingli Green Energy (YGE)

Simply as a cash raising exercise I am cutting 600 of 1400 shares of Yingli Green Energy (YGE) in the $16.10s range. The last 600 shares of this name were bought on Jul 2 in the mid to upper $14s so we'll take this 10%ish gain out in this layer and build some cash reserves. This takes our stake down from 2.0% to 1.1% in this specific name. Nothing specific to this name which I find very undervalued. But it is part of a larger basket and at 2% of the portfolio doesn't need to be quite so large a part of the portfolio into the hedge funds "bless" this sector as "an area we can run up 60% for no good reason before we short them back down 50%".

Unfortunately right now we are in perhaps the worst garbage of a market I've seen. Hostage to oil on one side and hostage to financials on the other. The fund was up 3% yesterday for no good reason, just like it was down 2% last week for no good reason. Coal stocks are trading up and down 8% a day - for no good reason. Same with fertilizer. Same with natural gas. This is just daytraders and hedge funds run amock and ruining the market. The "very smart money" has such deep thinking algorthims as

"When crude oil price today GREATER THAN crude oil price yesterday by 1.5% buy buy buy everything in commodity space"


"When crude oil price today LESS THAN crude oil price yesterday by 1.5% sell sell sell everything in commodity space"

And for this they are paid the big bucks. It is complete garbage and trends are useless. The value of these things are not changing 7-10% daily - it is simply fast money chasing in and out, in and out, every day and creating havoc. There is no use for logic or sense. Just squeeze out a gain here, and sell it off and scalp daytrades every day - sending billions in this direction one day, and billions in the complete opposite direction the next. Very little joy in this market because using your brain is worthless. My only joy right now is seeing their stupid technology - aka Microgoogle "tech is safe" trade blow up in their faces, along with their stupid healthcare bets (hi Merck) in the face of a Democratic majority also blow up in their face.

Simply wake up every morning and place your red or black chips and then go home after you have "provided value" by pocketing a "scalp" based on if oil is up or down 2% or if Fannie Mae is going to be socialized or not. A lot of "analytical" work being done out there. Not. Our Ritalin era of children from the 80s now are pervading the trading desks of America and we are all "better" for it.

Long Yingli Green Energy in fund; no personal position

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