Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Research in Motion (RIMM) Appears Excellent on First Glance

Beat/Raise/Etc for Research in Motion (RIMM). All good things - should bode well for another day as we await the jobs report Friday. I don't own a ton of RIMM but Apple (AAPL) should get some nice pin action off this report - most important is good news is being rewarded in the market and the all important forward guidance (while I believe company specific) should assuage some fears in the near term. Good news being rewarded has not necessarily been the case for much of the past few months... I continue to take swigs from the Kool Aid while the gettings good! Hopefully the conference call does not unearth some factoid on line 32a-1.2.4 that people find to be "troublesome" ;)
  • BlackBerry maker Research in Motion(RIMM) delivered on sky-high expectations as the company blew past Street estimates for the fourth quarter and guided higher for the current year.
  • Net income for the quarter jumped 102% to $412.5 million, or 72 cents a share, compared with net income of $187.4 million, or 33 cents a share in the same quarter last year.
  • Revenue for the quarter rose 102% to $1.88 billion from $930.39 million a year ago.
  • Analysts polled by Thomson Financial were expecting revenue of $1.85 billion and earnings of 70 cents a share. The revenue breakdown for the quarter was approximately 81% for handhelds, 14% for service, 3% for software and 2% for other revenue.
  • Approximately 4.4 million BlackBerry subscriber accounts were added in the quarter and 2.18 million net new accounts were added.
  • Revenue for the first quarter fiscal 2009 is expected to be in the range of $2.23 billion to $2.3 billion, said RIM. The company forecast earnings in the range of to 82 cents to 86 cents a share. Analysts are expecting revenue of $2 billion and EPS of 75 cents in the quarter.
  • Net subscriber account additions in the first quarter are expected to be approximately 2.2 million.
Another beautiful chart... starting to see some nice ones as I said earlier...

...all I am hoping for personally is an environment where every stock does not go down together or up together (or entire sectors are seen as good or evil, when 24 hours eariler the exact opposite view was taken).... and market timing is 90% of the battle and stock picking is 10%. That's been the environment for most of the past 6 months, and it makes it very hard to outperform via stock picking. A sideways or even gentle slope down would be fine with me - winners and losers would separate. These helter skelter massive moves up and down create a terrible environment for people who follow trends for more than 3 hours... today, also as I said earlier, was the first douse of "normalcy" I can remember, probably this year. I can only hope we start getting more days like this piled in a row...

Long Research in Motion, Apple in fund; no personal position

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