Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Reader Investment Pledges mid April Update

Thank you everyone as we continue to make progress - this is a difficult market but I am happy with results so far. Web traffic is really jumping now with nearly 1700-1800 visits a day on weekdays, and close to 3000 page views. The average returning visitor is now staying 5+ minutes on each visit, which is more than double what I've read for the average blog - obviously my long winded entries are the key there.

As traffic increases, hopefully in the coming months I can win over more people with continued positive fund results, in a thus far very tough market environment since launch last August.

As always, you can see how I am doing by verified independent 3rd party metric here: 'Rising Tide Growth' performance

To future investors, as always, if you change your mind and want to rescind an investment pledge and/or change (up or down) the amount, please let me know since I simply want know where I stand in this process. Also if you see your name below but no location, please drop me an email or comment on this blog entry of your city, state. Thanks.

The original post on the purpose of the blog can be found here [Jan 7: Readers 'Pledges' Towards Mutual Fund Launch]

January 7, 2008
= $75K total raised
February 19, 2008 (click here for full post): $766K total raised
March 18, 2008 (click here for full post): $994K raised
April 16, 2008: $1.190M raised

Important info since I get this question a lot via email:
One question asked is the process once the fund is up and running - it would be no different than any other mutual fund out there - you'd get an application, prospectus, send the check to a 3rd party clearing house and away you go. Retirement and normal accounts both available, it is no load, etc - nothing different than all the other mutual funds out there, other than the most transparency in terms of manager decisions and daily feedback. So that's down the road once the fund is created - for now I just need a clear amount of commitments/pledges so I can hit the ground running.

Amount Who Where
$75,000 Self MI
$2,500 Michael D Oceanside, CA
$7,500 Oth Parts Unknown
$10,000 Dean D San Jose, CA
$2,500 Oza P MA
$20,000 Oren L Chicago
$10,000 Rob T NYC
$5,000 Ryan Seattle, WA
$7,500 Ted Sunnyvale, CA
$2,500 Brian P Cerritos, CA
$22,500 David B Middlesex, NJ
$50,000 Ian San Antonio, TX
$40,000 "LiquidWindows" Deep in heart of TX
$5,000 Jonson LA, CA
$5,000 Jimidean Parts Unknown
$3,000 Brooks R Baton Rouge, LA
$5,000 Zlatanscores Parts Unknown
$3,000 Ben S Portland, OR
$5,000 Sheng S Omaha, NE
$10,000 msuberri NJ
$5,000 David W Houston, TX
$10,000 Ryan T NJ
$3,000 NandaK Nashua, NH
$10,000 WaltF Parts Unknown (via email)
$2,500 Joe Scranton, PA (email)
$2,500 Todd Nashville, TN (email)
$250,000 David R South Carolina (email)
$100,000 A.F. Los Altos, CA (email)
$50,000 Satya Parts Uknown (email)
$5,000 Bobby L San Jose, CA
$200,000 Ganesh S Bellevue, WA
$2,500 Michael A Charleston, SC (email)
$2,500 TJP Sterling, IL (email)
$37,500 Bob B VanBuren, AR (email)
$10,000 Pat L Tuscon, AZ (email)
$10,000 Art H Auburn, CA (email)
$5,000 Dan D Augusta, GA (email)
$5,000 Jeffrey H Greensboro, NC (email)
$50,000 Tom L San Fran, CA (email)
$10,000 Wesley W San Jose, CA (email)
$10,000 Tom S (daKat) Minneapolis, MN
$5,000 Dan W Mentor, OH (email)
$10,000 Jim G Marana, AZ (email)
$5,000 Andrey G Baltimore, MD
$20,000 Doug M San Fran, CA (email)
$75,000 "Skooker" Boise, ID (email)
$3,750 Brian C Milwaukee, WI (email)


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