Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fund My Mutual Fund Stock Invitational - 2nd Round

After an much too long first round, filled with a lot of snoozers, and only a few upsets [full results can be found here], we should have a lot more interesting 2nd round with some barn burner matchups of heavyweights.

Now keep in mind, when you choose it's not just your favorite today but what can return the most over the next 12 months - so things that are currently out of favor could return the most by April 2009.

I'll be posting 4 matchups a day, since the first round took SO long and I don't want this to turn into May Madness!

Technology Region
(1) HP v (8) Corning - Corning was valient but lost a close battle with HP topping at 53% of the vote
(12) IBM v (4) Oracle - IBM, the George Mason, the Davidson of FMMF Stock Invitation takes down another high seed - can it take out the #1 ?? 58% of the vote
(11) Verizon v (3) Apple - Apple eats Verizon for lunch with a 95% decision
(7) Cisco v (2) Google - Google, resting on its laurels, in a landslide with 80% of vote setting up an epic Elite 8 matchup

Health/Home (all favorites won first round in the Snoozer bracket)
(1) Pepsi v (8) McDonald's - Poor Americans push McDonald's past middle class Chinese eating at KFC in Shanghai - 59 to 41%
(5) Altria v (4) Walmart - Smokes still win out with 55% of the vote; but give it a year and I think those freshman and sophmores on Walmart will showcase their talent in the heart of recession 2009. Altria advances.
(6) Coca Cola v (3) P&G - P&G with 2/3rds majority. Can't live without toilet paper.
(7) Merck v (2) J&J - J&J with 73%. Can't live without shampoo.

Financials (all favorites won first round in the Snoozer II bracket)
(1) Berkshire v (8) US Bancorp - led by their senior named Buffet a blowout, Berkshire with 87%
(5) Mastercard v (4) China Life - Mastercard wins out with 62%
(6) Simon Property v (3) Goldman Sachs - with people placed throughout the government Goldman easily wins with 87%
(7) NYSE v (2) JPMorgan - With a Fed assist JPMorgan wins with 65% of the vote

(1) United Technology v (9) Exxon - wow Exxon with the upset - and not even close with 2/3rds majority
(5) Potash v (4) Freeport - Freeport got a very tough draw - the commissioners dark horse to win the whole thing, Potash comes through with a 78% vote count
(6) Alcoa v (3) Toyota - Alcoa squeezes it out 51 to 49% - now it can be sacrificed to the BHP gods
(10) Caterpillar v (2) BHP - BHP in a rout with 84% of the vote

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