Friday, February 29, 2008

Bookkeeping: Trading Stake in DR Horton (DHI) Engaged


I don't believe in any homebuilder recovery. I don't believe in these stocks. I don't believe in the Kool Aid. That said, I don't need to believe... I just need everyone else to believe.

I have 10% of my portfolio open for "trading" positions, of which I am going to throw this purchase of DR Horton (DHI) in, along with DryShips (DRYS). Why DR Horton? Nothing specific. It could of been Toll Brothers (TOL), Pulte Homes (PHM), Lennar (LEN), blah blah. I am staying away from the worst of breed, Hovnanian (HOV), Standard Pacific (SPF), and the like simply because they are truly junk, but they could of course go up the most. Instead of buying an ETF to buy a basket, I just bought 1 representative stock - they all act the same since people are not differentiating.

DR Horton is down 19% in 2 sessions, when we were in full Kool Aid mode. At some point in the next few weeks we will be back in full Kool Aid mode. I'll set a sell price at $17 or so to offset my purchase today @ $14.25. That would be a 20% gain. Downside risk is a return to the $10.50s-$11s, but I'll still keep the position because at this point bad news does not push these stocks down - people are convinced they are early cycle plays so when the market goes happy, these stocks bounce. So even if it breaks to $11, it will bounce back at some point, so if this one goes against me in the short run I will just sit on it and wait for happiness to return to Oz.

Again pure trade, and a "yin" to my normal "yang" in terms of portfolio holdings. Any bond insurer bailout, Buffet happiness or government bailout will send this type of stock screaming. Not that I agree with those thesis but one only needs to observe. Go forward I plan to trade "a" homebuilder stock on and off until maybe 18 months from now when the real homebuilder rally should begin... when the stock shoot up in anticipation of the bounce in home purchases.... of 2011. Until then, going to act like a pure trader with these names. When they fall, buy - when Kool Aid flows, sell. Repeat.

Last, the risk with any of these is the market finally looks in the mirror and sees the truth, but no risk is without trade and I won't sell this at a loss, because I am of firm belief that when the market rallies (even from a meltdown) people will again run to this type of junk early cycle thesis. Again, not my typical fare nor my typical strategy. But this is simply put a traders market, nothing else. So I am putting on this trade, while waiting for the market to either break out or break down (I am betting on breaking down)

I bought 2000 shares for a 2.5% stake in the $14.20s. I'll be gleeful to pass this along to some Kool Aid bull (or hedge fund computer) at $17.00 sometime in next weeks/month or two.

Long DR Horton in fund and personal account

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