Thursday, October 4, 2007

This Day in Bubbles: Party On Garth

Let's keep it going - what stocks are taking advantage of the "1.3 billion rule"

CYTV (over the counter of course) China You TV $0.24 + 98% (1.3 billion TV viewers)
GSI General Steel Holdings $14.10 +49% (1.3 billion steel buyers)
ATS APT Satellite $3.07 +40% (1.3 Satellite buyers)
KUN China Shenghou Pharma $15.00 +41% (I've been pounding the table on this one since $6.00 lol) (1.3 billion drug buyers - people this one has been so obvious, I called it at $6 and I ain't no Chinese expert)
ORS Orsus Xelent Tech $4.50 +39% (1.3 billion umm...ohh... ummm.. Orsus Xelenters? Oh wait they do cell phones... ok 1.3 billion cell phone buyers!)

You know the drill, buy 4-5 of the top gainers with the word China in them (or at least that do business in China), and make 50% the next day. Rinse, wash, Repeat. Retire on your own island in 1 month.

That was easy

I am expecting a waitress in skimpy attire offering free drinks to walk by the computer terminal at any moment....

Bubbleicious "investing" - maybe the labor report will pop them? Nah... bad news = 50 more basis points on Halloween. Woo hoo.

EDIT UPDATE: In the 4 minutes since I posted this KUN is down 6%, GSI flat, whereas the other 3 names are up about 10%, with CYTV up to 108%

See how easy?

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